The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

  • RP Trustees and RPM&M Institutions

    Synod has delegated responsibility for the corporate operations of the RPCNA to the Trustees of Synod, a group of nine Reformed Presbyterians who are elected by Synod for three year terms. Jim McFarland, as the Treasurer of Synod and a member of the Trustees, handles most of the day-to-day operations of the corporation.

  • RPM&M

    Each year the missions and ministries of the RPCNA make budgets based on funds they have with the expectation that they will also receive support from RPM&M. While RPM&M represents only a portion of the total budgets of most of these missions and ministries, that portion is vitally important to each of them. RPM&M is funded directly by the generosity of RP congregations and the members of the RPCNA.

    Gifts to RPM&M help support the Board of Education and Publication, Geneva College, the Home Mission Board, RP Global Missions, the Reformed Presbyterian Home, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, the Graduate Study Committee, the Committee for Vital Churches, the EA Commission, and the Youth Ministries Committee of Synod.

    Contributions to RPM&M can be sent to:

    Reformed Presbyterian Church
    7408 Penn Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208

    Please write RPM&M in the memo line.

    RPM&M Yearly Contributions

    RPM&M 2016 contribution goal: $410,000
    Giving through November 19th: $225,015

    RPM&M Map

    Get your own copy of the RPM&M map when you donate $25 or more!

    RPCNA Official Synod Documents and Forms