The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

  • The Board of Pension Trustees Ministries

    The Board of Pension Trustees’ function is to glorify God as a servant of the denomination to fulfill its ministries in providing deferred compensation for its workers. Toward that end, the Pension Trustees are responsible for the development and supervision of the pension programs of the denomination.

  • The Board also provides leadership and counsel in the area of health care for pastors and other employees of Synod. Additionally, the Board has programs that helps provide Severance pay for pastors and a once-in-a-lifetime Moving Allowance for retired teaching elders, their widows, and other full-time employees of Synod. Applicants must meet certain criteria to qualify for these latter two programs. More information is available from the Executive Secretary of the Board or from the Treasurer’s Office. An electronic copy of the current edition of “Your Pension Plan 'B' and Other Benefits,” which gives more detailed information, is available upon request from the Treasurer’s Office.

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