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    To educate students who love the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, equipping pastors for the ministry of the gospel and preparing others in the church for effective service in His kingdom, all within the framework of the historic Reformed faith.

  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    7418 Penn Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208


    To educate students who love the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, equipping pastors for the ministry of the gospel and preparing others in the church for effective service in His kingdom, all within the framework of the historic Reformed faith.

    Preparing ministers of the gospel, RPTS emphasizes:

    • Scholarship in Biblical studies, systematic theology, and church history
    • The cultivation of personal godliness and interpersonal skills
    • The development of spiritual gifts

    Its classic Reformed theological education engages students in mind and heart with the Scriptures and with the society in which they live.· Equipped and strengthened in the faith, RPTS graduates serve myriad denominational churches and their communities; most are church pastors and preachers.


    The Seminary, fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), offers the following degrees:

    • Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
    • Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
    • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

    The Seminary also offers a Diploma in Theology Program (Dip.Th.), Counseling, and the Missionary Training and Servant of the Church certificate programs.


    All RPTS professors have significant “field” experience in the church. Classes are taught from the perspective of ordained pastors, and we believe this advantage is a significant one. Students laud the close, mentoring relationships they enjoy with professors during their studies, and even after graduation. Drawing on their own pastoral experience, our professors teach students to shepherd the church and serve their communities – and they teach by example as they gently guide students through theology. Our logo brand statement highlights this unique seminary experience that we offer to students: Study under pastors.


    Soon after the organization in 1798 of what is now called the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (in Philadelphia, PA), steps were taken to establish a seminary for the education of its students of theology.· Following are some highlights:

    • Classes commenced in 1810, making RPTS the fifth oldest seminary in the nation today;
    • Over the first 46 years, RPTS shifted to at least five different locations over several states where its professors moved to pastor churches, which was common in that day;
    • In 1856, the seminary relocated to the North Side of Pittsburgh, and then settled in a brick mansion on Pittsburgh’s East End in 1924;
    • Today, while most students are from the Greater Pittsburgh area, RPTS draws people from all over the world;
    • RPTS also works closely with Kobe Theological Hall, its sister institution in Japan;
    • While it began with a Scotch-Irish heritage nearly two hundred years ago, today, RPTS reaches a much broader mix of the body of Christ’s church and the communities in which they live and serve; for instance, it has one of the highest percentages of African-American students among Reformed seminaries — approximately 35 percent of the student body is from American minority groups;
    • RPTS has about 100 students each year, with about 60 in full-time equivalency.

    Current Events

    • Apr20

      Jerry O’Neill Retirement Celebration

      For the past two plus decades, Jerry O’Neill has faithfully served the Lord as President of RPTS. As the Lord wills, he plans to retire at the end of June, 2018. The Seminary Board of Trustees has set the evening of Friday, April 20, 2018, as the date for a celebration of the Lord’s ministry here at RPTS through the labors of Jerry O’Neill. Everyone is invited to share in this special evening at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh.

      Starts: Apr 20, 2018

      Ends: Apr 20, 2018

      Place: Sheraton Station Square, 300 W Station Square Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15219

    Historical Events

    • Sep08

      Westminster Conference 2017

      Starts: Sep 08, 2017

      Ends: Sep 09, 2017

      Place: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 7418 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208

    • Apr21

      RPTS Biblical Counseling Institute Conference

      Sex, Sin, and Salvation: God’s Grace in a Fallen World.

      Speakers include Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, Rev. Tim Challies, Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. Heath Lambert, Dr. John Street, and Dr. Derek Thomas.

      Click here for the schedule, speaker biographies, hotel information, and registration.

      Starts: Apr 21, 2016

      Ends: Apr 23, 2016

      Place: Christ Church at Grove Farm, Sewickley, PA

    • Sep11

      RPTS Westminster Conference

      For more information please contact Kim Backensto, kbackens@rpts.edu or call 412-731-6000

      Starts: Sep 11, 2015

      Ends: Sep 12, 2015

      Place: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    • Jul25

      RPTS Remaker Work Conference

      REmaker is a work-conference in which skilled and non-skilled laborers work side by side at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh on important projects around the campus and adjoining apartments for students in preparation for the school year.

      There is free room and board, and evening events, as well as devotions and teaching times led by RPTS professors C.J. Williams, Barry York, and Jack Kinneer. Fellowship with people from across the denomination and share your talents.

      View the Brochure

      Register Here

      Starts: Jul 25, 2015

      Ends: Aug 01, 2015

      Place: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    • Jun29

      RPTS Theological Foundation for Youth Program

      This is a three week program dedicated to equipping young people for a life of ministry to Christ in the RPCNA by providing intensive theological instruction, practical ministry experiences, and an increased awareness of opportunities to serve Christ.

      Starts: Jun 29, 2015

      Ends: Jul 17, 2015

      Place: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    • May22

      RPTS Graduation

      Come to the RP Seminary graduation ceremony. Contact vsmith@rpts.edu or call 412-731-6000 for more information.

      Starts: May 22, 2015

      Ends: May 22, 2015

      Place: Memorial Park Presbyterian Church, 8800 Peebles Rd., Allison Park, PA

    • Apr24

      RPTS Biblical Counseling Conference

      Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the teaching of several men who really understand parenting and its impact on our churches and communities. Registration, session topics, and more information are available at www.rpts.edu/news.html.

      Starts: Apr 24, 2015

      Ends: Apr 25, 2015

      Place: Christ Bible Church in Cranberry Township, Pa.

    • Mar27

      RPTS Annual Support Dinner

      The dinner will be held at Sheraton Station Square at 6:30 p.m.

      Contact Kim Backensto for information kbackens@rpts.edu or call 412-731-6000.

      We will be honoring our 8th Faithful Servant Award recipient, Rev. John H. Tweed.

      Starts: Mar 27, 2015

      Ends: Mar 27, 2015

      Place: Sheraton Station Square

    • Sep12

      Westminster Conference

      INFORMATION: The annual Westminster Conference includes talks on God’s law, Q&A sessions, and book exhibits. The first 20 paid registrars will receive the brand-new book, Messiah the Prince Revisited, from Crown & Covenant Publications.

      LOCATION: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 7418 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208.

      QUESTIONS:Contact RPTS at (412) 731-6000 or kbackens@rpts.edu. Details are also available online at www.rpts.edu.

      SPEAKERS: Dr. Jerry F. O’Neill, Dr. Jack D. Kinneer, Rev. Barry J. York, Dr. Richard C. Gamble, Rev. John W. Tweedle, and Dr. C.J. Williams.
      Download Registration Form

      Starts: Sep 12, 2014

      Ends: Sep 13, 2014

      Place: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary