The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

  • The Interchurch Committee Ministries

    The Interchurch Committee initiates and develops relations with other denominations that have the same basic doctrinal positions, based upon the Reformed faith and the inerrancy of Scripture. The committee corresponds and converses with such bodies with a view towards greater understanding and cooperation.

  • The ultimate objective is union based upon truth and scriptural order.

    At present, the denomination is in ecclesiastical fellowship with the following Reformed Presbyterian bodies around the world: Reformed Presbytery of Australia, Reformed Presbytery of Scotland, Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland, and Trinity Christian Community Fellowship.

    It has fraternal relationship with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Korean American Presbyterian Church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Reformed Church in the United States, the United Reformed Churches in North American, the L’ Eglise reformee du Quebec, and the Free Church of Scotland, Synod of North America.

    It also belongs to the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC), an ecumenical council of Reformed churches that meets annually.